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Alberto Breccia

Alberto Breccia (Montevideo, 1919 – Buenos Aires, 1993) is one of the undisputed master cartoonists. Throughout his prolific career, marked by artistic collaboration, he has innovated the comics field.

Born in Uruguay, he spent most of his life in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During the 1950s he became, along with Francisco Solano Lopéz, an honorary member of the "Group of Venice" — a band of expatriate Italian artists including Hugo Pratt, Ido Pavone, Horacio Lalia, Faustinelli, and Ongaro.

Through Pratt he met Héctor Oesterheld, with whom he co-authored some of the key works of his career, such as i (1962), Che (1968) and their critically acclaimed 1969 re-editon of The Eternaut

Breccia also collaborated with Argentinean comics writer Carlos Trillo. During their fruitful pairing in the '70s, Breccia made major graphic innovations working in color (as in Chi Ha Paura delle Fiabe?) and in black & white (as in Un Tal Daneri).

Other of his staple works include: Cthulhu Myths, A Graphic History of Chile, and Perramus — created with the poet Juan Sasturain — which was awarded a prize by Amnesty International for its stand against dictatorial regimes.