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Charles Burns

Charles Burns grew up in Seattle in the '70s. His comics were first published in Françoise Mouly and Art Spiegelman’s influential Raw magazine in the mid-'80s. He is best known for his award-winning comic series Black Hole, which was collected into a graphic novel in 2005. His other works include Big Baby (2000), Skin Deep (2001), and Last Look (2016). Burns lives in Philadelphia with his wife and two daughters.

"The work of Charles Burns is a vision that’s both horrifying and hilariously funny, and which he executes with cold, ruthless clarity... It’s almost as if he weren’t quite... human!" — R. Crumb

"Burns is a central figure in a generation of artists who have absorbed Pop Art and pop culture as integral a part of their work as any classical tradition." — Spin

"At once alluring and grotesque, Burns' imagery has been eagerly embraced by the counterculture, mainstream media, and a recalcitrant art world without ever compromising his strikingly singular aesthetic." — Juxtapoz