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Daniel Semanas

Daniel Semanas was born in 1987 in the small beach town of Santos, Brazil. During adolescence he studied animation and developed a series of animated short films. Later, he moved to São Paulo to study graphic design and started working as a designer and illustrator in agencies and animation studios. He has developed several projects for clients such as Lollapalooza, Absolut, Nike, Mercedes, and MTV. In 2018, Daniel Semanas put his animation career aside to debut his first graphic novel, Roly Poly.

Set in South Korea in the near future, Roly Poly tells the story of Phanta, a young Korean fighter who has a fiercely competitive relationship with a social media celebrity. In an effort to top his popularity on the internet, she embarks on a psychedelic journey into an underground drug cult in hopes of becoming the new member of a popular K-pop group. However, she ends up putting herself in a bigger challenge than she expected, that will test her in a most terrifying way.