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Julia Gfrörer

Julia Gfrörer is a cartoonist known for her bleak stories and lush pen-and-ink renderings. Her work has appeared in Kramer's Ergot and Best American Comics and she edited (with Sean T. Collins) the horror anthology Mirror Mirror IIGfrörer lives on Long Island, where she maintains an extensive collection of black cardigans. Her last name rhymes with despair, and her heart is as black as jet.

"Julia Gfrörer is amongst the most promising artist/authors of her generation. Her work is spare and elegant, yet the hand of the artist is always evident in her line. Her characters inhabit cold or desolate environments, often on the brink of inanition or beyond, yet still yearning to love and be loved. Do not be misled by this artist's sylphlike appearance and those great carrot-colored ramparts at her ear. Gfrörer is a powerhouse. Learn to spell her name." — Phoebe Gloeckner