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Marguerite Van Cook

Marguerite Van Cook came to New York with her punk band The Innocents after touring the UK with The Clash. She stayed, opened a gallery, Ground Zero, with her partner James Romberger, and curated numerous events and shows. Her own work as an artist and filmmaker have placed her in many museum collections, including the Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum, and the Schwartz Art Collection at Harvard. Her other credits include poet, (she was awarded the Van Rensselear Prize while at Columbia) writer, critic, cartoonist, and performance artist. Her collaborative project with James Romberger and David Wojnarowicz, Seven Miles a Second, a graphic memoir of the life and death of Wojnarowicz, is a New York Times best-seller. In 2006, Van Cook became the creative and managing director of the Howl! Arts Festival, which led in 2009 to the establishment of the Howl Emergency Life Project (HELP), a free emergency health and care service for downtown artists.