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Max Andersson

Max Andersson was born 1962 in Karesuando, Sweden. He studied graphic design in Stockholm (1982-84), then film production at New York University. After directing and producing a number of short films, for which he was awarded prizes at the Berlin, Melbourne and Los Angeles Film Festivals, he turned to the comics medium in the late ’80s. His work has been translated to eight languages, and his drawings as well as paintings, objects and installations have been exhibited in Sweden, Germany, the US, France, the UK, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Slovenia. Max Andersson currently lives and works in Berlin.

“I got into the comics medium early, around age four. I wanted to be a mechanic but my parents insisted that I’d do comics. My first strip was silent and ended with the protagonist getting blown to pieces by some dynamite in his pants. Later I learned the alphabet.” — Max Andersson