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Robert Triptow

Robert Triptow is a San Francisco native who happened to be born and raised in Salt Lake City. He has been called “the last of the underground cartoonists,” undoubtedly because he starved while drawing comix in the Haight/Ashbury neighborhood and because his work appeared in titles like Bizarre Sex and Young Lust. He contributed to Gay Comix in the 1980s and was the second of its three editors. Triptow co-edited the award-winning Strip AIDS U.S.A. with Trina Robbins and Bill Sienkiewicz. His book Gay Comics was the first history of non-pornographic LGBT cartooning and won the first Lambda Literary Award for humor. His cartoons have appeared in Juicy Mother, Real Girl, Choices, The Book of Boy Trouble, Holy Titclamps and Filth. Class Photo is Triptow’s first solo book, based on ideas thought up with his same-age uncle, David Jensen, when they were kids.