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Ron Regé Jr.

Ron Regé Jr. was born in 1969 and grew up in Plymouth, Rhode Island. He broke into comics at age five, and has been bending them to his will ever since in an unending flow of radiant pen-and-ink. Lifted out of '90s Boston DIY mini-comics legend/obscurity and into actual published book world by the championship of sainted Tom Devlin (first thru Devlin’s Highwater imprint, which published Regé’s bizarro fable Skibber Bee-Bye in 2000, then via Devlin employer Drawn & Quarterly, which published 2006’s The Awake Field and the 2008 Against Pain collection), Regé has spent the last few years doing random jobs of commercial artwork, playing drums in the on-again, off-again cosmic-peace folk-rock band Lavender Diamond, and immersing himself in the world of Western mysticism/Esoteric thought/New Age stuff.