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Virgil Partch

Virgil Partch burst onto the scene in the nation's magazines with his zany, sometimes surreal but always hilarious cartoons. Known to millions by his signature, "Vip," this comedic genius was unlike anything the world had seen before. His unique brand of humor and trendsetting approach to cartooning ushering in a new era of the gag cartoon and pioneered a standard of madcap humor across the spectrum of comedy that was reflected in the cutting-edge sensibilities of comedians like Ernie Kovacs, Sid Caeser, and Jonathan Winters, and the trailblazing pages of Mad magazine. Inspiring a new breed of cartoonists, Vip became the more sought-after cartoonist of his generation, as well as one of the most prolific and influential cartoonists of his era. Not only did he transfigure the pages of an incredible array of the nation's magazines, but he also illustrated books, album covers, and advertisements.