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Kate Lacour


On sale date: August 20, 2019

A strange and mesmerizing voyage through the body.

Kate Lacour’s Vivisectionary is a boundlessly inventive feast of single page sequential images that illustrate many marvelous, hideous, enigmatic physiological mysteries—a visual guide to the intimate workings of impossible biologies, told through a series of scientific diagrams and tableaux. The coldness of scientific charts alternates with raw and intimate imagery, exploring a world where hummingbirds can be parasites, where feces can be transformed into brain tissue or gemstones. Part comic art, part textbook, Vivisectionary blends sex, religion, science, and body horror, with an eye to the sublime and the grotesque.


“A delightfully disgusting compendium of the grotesque. Lacour’s work engenders horror of the deepest sort, and it lingers in the mind for hours.” — Publishers Weekly

“Vivisectionary is horrible—and that's a compliment. If you're comfortable with discomfort, and you like your graphic novels to experiment with the DNA of the comics form, then Kate Lacour is your deranged doctor.” — PopMatters

“A striking series of images of body horror and other biological nightmares. You'll be horrified yet curiously turning the pages to see more.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Gorgeous, grotesque, and wonderful.” — BoingBoing

“A new perspective on the bodily structures we take for granted.” — Hi Fructose


9.8" × 6.6"