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Matt Furie


On sale date: September 1, 2020

This is a collection of paintings, a one-man bestiary of monsters, weirdos, beasties, and anthropomorphs, all painted in Furie's meticulous brand of representational surrealism.

Furie's cheerful, anthropomorphic comics character, Pepe the Frog, became a meme that was appropriated by hate groups (as seen in the documentary Feels Good Man, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.) Furie's recent paintings reflect this experience. This is a showcase for an unsettling menagerie; creatures seem to be hiding their true intentions. Furie is plumbing darker depths in these works, despite the paintings' inviting colors and friendly cartoon iconography.

Due to a printing error, our shipment of Mindviscosity is delayed and will ship later than anticipated. Pre-orders placed now are for a new shipment expected to ship in late December 2020.
Orders of Mindviscosity include an exclusive bookplate signed by Matt Furie while supplies last!


"Featuring a luxurious puffy cover complete with trippy holofoil title lettering, Mindviscosity is an art book... in which a colorful, playful, proliferative pop-culture-fueled vision is edged with humor and darkness in equal and uneasy measure." — New York Times Book Review

"Matt Furie's art comes from a mix of child-like enchantment and momentary adult situations." — The Believer

"Clearly, Fantagraphics, Furie's publisher, want to make the case for the craftsmanship behind the humor. Mindviscosity is a treat for Furie fans." — The Book Beat

"Humorous and vibrant..." — Hi-Fructose


9.4" × 9.4"