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Kago, Translator: Rachel Thorn

Dementia 21 Box Set: Vol.1 & Vol.2

On sale date: May 5, 2020

Devilishly funny, absurdist adult manga stories about a sprightly home aide tasked with caring for a series of eccentric patients.

Arthritic superheroes! Supernatural old biddies! Zombie caretakers! Mind-controlling dentures! Senile Santa! When plucky young Yukie Sakai is hired as a home aide, little does she know what surreal, absurd, and grotesque adventures are in store for her. Dementia 21 is one of the most outrageously satirical comics ever created, written and drawn by Shintaro Kago, one of the most transgressive and experimental of Japan's manga auteurs. This limited-edition slipcase contains the complete two-volume set of this engrossing manga series.


"Mature fans of unconventional manga will appreciate the surreal spiral of body horror, tragicomedy, and dark humor." — Publishers Weekly

"Part social commentary and satire, part menacing story colored by greed and selfishness, part narrative on thankless work, Dementia 21 is a transgressive form of graphic medicine." — Intima

"As much as I admire Kago's oddness as a writer, his artistic pen is even sharper. [His characters] retain a realistic edge that intensifies their horror-tinged universe." — PopMatters

"Charming, hilarious, and thought-provoking. Dementia 21 proves that Kago is a cutting satirist with a deft touch for black comedy." — Broken Frontier

"Dementia 21 is a great way to introduce the world to Kago's brilliant work. If you're looking for amazing manga, look no further." — Kitty Sneezes


Paperback / Softback
Black and white
7.2" × 10.7"