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Brian Chidester, Josep Baque

Out of My Head: The Imaginary Creatures of Josep Baqué

On sale date: April 25, 2023

A gorgeous art book that also tells the incredible story of Josep Baqué, a police officer and secretive artist who created 1500 imaginary creatures during the fascist era in Spain (1930s–60s) and told not a soul about them during his lifetime.

Out of My Head: The Imaginary Creatures of Josep Baqué tells the unbelievable story of a World War II-era police officer in Barcelona who in his private time created 1500 imaginary creatures and told not a soul about them. Part medieval-style bestiary, part natural history treatise, his compendium of enigmatic, often whimsical illustrations begs as many questions as it offers clear answers.

In this first-ever critical biography of Baqué, art historian, author, and curator Brian Chidester reflects the artist and his creation through the prism of 20th century art, the Franco dictatorship in Spain (1939–75), and the few correlative records in Baqué's personal archive. Yet the book doubles as a manual of sorts on the creative process, and most fascinatingly, speaks to the deeper role the imagination plays in overcoming oppression through wonder.


10" × 5"