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Nod Away Pre-Order Deal

"Josh Cotter amazes me. What Cotter has done is just remarkable. This is visual storytelling of the highest kind. Next level. Beautiful and profound! Emotion bleeds from every page."

Emil Ferris

"Nod Away is the unfolding masterwork of one of the most unique voices in comics. Cotter has created a fascinating and meticulously detailed world, and crafted a tale full of twists, a throbbing dread, and with powerful, emotional depth. The narrative is wholly original, and the artwork is simply stunning. By the time these seven volumes are finished, Nod Away will stand as one of the great sci-fi epics in comics history."

Derf Backderf

"Nod Away is like a night terror. It has the terrible urgency of dreams. Passageways go on forever but also trap you; you're jostled by characters who are painfully alive but are as helpless as dolls. Cotter is loving and brutal both. You shout out loud but stay sleeping."

Eleanor Davis

"Cotter skillfully examines the homogenization of society. The artwork is clever and precise, reminiscent of R. Crumb's, and the realism helps heighten the tension as things begin to go very wrong."


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