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John Cuneo

Coping Skills

On sale date: June 1, 2021

John Cuneo's Back with a Collection of Hilariously Abnormal and Depraved "Helpful Drawings"

When John Cuneo isn't gracing the cover of The New Yorker, being featured in Esquire, or winning every prodigious illustration award known to humankind, he fills a plastic container with drawings labeled "Loose Sketches." He explains that those personal pieces — not likely to see publication in any prestigious magazine for many obvious reasons — are not categorized by anything else than "it simply means they are untethered." And, boy, are they! Lucky for us, Coping Skills collects these squiggly-lined scenes of domesticated manatees, climate change, sex — lots and lots of sex — and many more of these "helpful drawings" by one of the best illustrators in the world.

Coping Skills is part of the Fantagraphics Underground imprint.
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"John Cuneo looks with gentle open all-seeing eyes at the foibles, vanities, and failings of humanity and draws what he sees. Like the best surrealists, he is a realist. His art is scabrous and loving and exact." — Neil Gaiman

"John Cuneo is one of the greatest satirists ever to put pen to paper. He's not only an amazing artist, but he can write and he can think. Acerbic, hilarious, and dark as the universe will be in a trillion trillion years (approx.)." — Roz Chast, Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?

"Complex and hilarious, fearless and shocking, there's no one like Cuneo in the field of illustration today. Perhaps there never was. I laughed out loud several times reading this book. It's hard to understand how drawings can simultaneously be so wildly imaginative and so excruciatingly true." — David Apatoff - Illustration Art


6.3" × 10.4"