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Gilbert Hernandez

Garden of the Flesh

On sale date: September 27, 2016

Award-winning cartoonist Gilbert Hernandez gives his own unique spin to Bible tales in this graphic novel.

As only the unfettered Id of Gilbert Hernandez could conceive, Garden of Flesh is a sexually explicit retelling of the story of Adam and Eve up to Noah's Ark. Hernandez presents a straightforward adaptation of the Bible parable, but one that also blurs the lines between erotica and pornography, as only Hernandez can.

Garden of the Flesh is part of the Love and Rockets series.


"Gilbert Hernandez continues his seemingly effortless mission to be one of comics' most difficult to categorize creators with this new graphic novel. After the magic-realist social history of his Love & Rockets material and the supernatural thriller The Twilight Children, where else should he go but a sexually explicit retelling of the Bible from Adam and Eve up through Noah's Ark? Expect explorations of the Good Book that you'd never find in Sunday School, as Hernandez finds new space to talk about subjects and stories many grew up with." — WIRED


4.8" × 6.1"