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R. Kikuo Johnson

No One Else

On sale date: November 9, 2021

A death throws a family's life into turmoil in one of the most anticipated graphic novel releases of 2021.

2023 Whiting Award Winner in Fiction

2022 LA Times Book Prize WINNER, Graphic Novel/Comics

2022 Lynd Ward Graphic Novel Prize Honor Book

In this graphic novel, Charlene is a divorced mom, has a young son named Brandon, and works full-time as a nurse while also caring for her infirm father. She is barely holding their lives together when tragedy strikes and leaves Charlene and Brandon on their own. Charlene, who has put everyone but herself first for years, sees it as an opportunity for a new start of sorts. That is, at least, until her easy-come, easy-go brother, Robbie — a well-intentioned but unserious semi-professional musician — rolls back into town after a long absence. Brandon, a good kid who aches for life to return to normal, focuses his grief on his cat, Batman, who hasn't been seen for a few days since he ran into the sugar cane fields that lie on the edge of their housing tract.

No One Else is a graphic novel of great tender truth, as Charlene, Brandon, and Robbie learn to navigate life day to day with their plans, fears, and desires. Gorgeously drawn and set in the author's hometown on the Hawaiian island of Maui, it is the long-awaited follow up to Johnson's acclaimed debut graphic novel, Night Fisher, and a mature work of literary fiction that is certain to be one of the most talked-about books of the year.

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"Johnson's dreamlike vignettes capture a family in the aftermath of loss, during a time of transition and, possibly, renewal, as they live through moments that are at once quotidian and monumental." — The New Yorker

"I've read it four times, and find fresh connections and details with each round." — The New York Times Book Review

"As he tracks a few days in the course of his characters' lives, Johnson avoids the easy cliches typically deployed in tales that depict the grieving process; he eschews even catharsis in favor of conveying raw emotion with brutal realism." — Library Journal (starred review)

"Johnson tells an achingly realistic story of a Hawaiian family reeling in grief. ... a beautiful example of a short comic containing multitudes." — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Johnson draws with a confident bravado that is particularly impressive … and his narrative skills are equally assured." — Booklist


Paperback / Softback
Two color
7.8" × 6.1"