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The cover to Otherworld Barbara Volume 2, featuring the title and Moto Hagio's name in white. The cover is yellow, with a young figure seeming to fall, though they look surprised or in awe rather than scared. They appear to be wearing pajamas, and their legs and arms are stretched out aerodynamically. Behind them are indistinct shapes, including what appears to be a woman.
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Moto Hagio, Translator: Rachel Thorn

Otherworld Barbara Vol. 2

On sale date: August 15, 2017

In the conclusion of the shojo manga pioneer's sci-fi mystery, a man tries to save his son before the world ends...but which world, and which son?

In the second (and concluding) volume, Nanami had sworn to never see her granddaughter, Aoba, again. A despairing Kiriya had rejected his father, Tokio. Yet now both are traveling with Tokio to Engaru, where Aoba has slept and dreamt of the island of Barbara for seven years. The poltergeist phenomena becomes more intense. Can the dreamer become the dreamed, and the dreamed the dreamer?


"This Josei (adult women) manga by the famed Hagio is equal parts memorable, odd, and beautiful, with a dreamlike narrative that explores dreams themselves." — Publishers Weekly

"Mastermanga-ka Hagio has pulled in all the dangling threads of her story, knotting time travel, extraterrestrials, cannibalism, and reincarnation together into a gripping story of love and survival. Drawn with detailed precision, and seamlessly translated by Thorn, the result is an exciting, complex plot that is easy to follow, making this perfect for both experienced manga readers and those new to the format. An exceptional addition to any science-fiction collection." — Eva Volin - Booklist

"A binge-inducing treat; full of twists and turns that make it hooking and full of real and relatable sentiments that make it hard to forget." — Asian Movie Pulse


Black & white.
7.4" × 9.8"