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Red Room #1
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Ed Piskor

Red Room #1

On sale date: May 19, 2021

From the creator of Hip Hop Family Tree and X-Men: Grand Design comes this ALL-NEW monthly comic book series, with a specially priced, self contained, double-sized debut issue! Red Room is a cyberpunk, outlaw, splatterpunk masterpiece. Aided by the anonymous dark web and nearly untraceable crypto-currency, there has emerged a subculture of criminals who live-stream and patronize webcam murders for entertainment. Who are the murderers? Who are the victims? How do we stop it? Red Room #1 is 64 pages of dynamic storytelling and gorgeous art. Every issue of this 12-part series is a complete, self-contained, satisfying story. As seen on Piskor's YouTube channel sensation, Cartoonist Kayfabe!

Though we will make every effort to have pre-orders arrive to you by their release date, we will likely receive copies at our warehouse on the same day that comic shops receive their copies. The tight turnaround with our printer may result in a delay of up to a week.
Red Room #1 is part of the Red Room series.


"Piskor has an aficionado's eye for details and connections…" — The New York Times

"Piskor is able to render a world that resonates as truth… a one-man tour de force." — The Washington Post

"Each page barely seems to contain the energy of its subjects." — NPR


Part color.
10 3/16"" × 6 5/8""