The Comics Journal logo, featuring a stylized T, C, and J interlocking over a simple shield design. Below the logo is text reading, "The Comics Journal Four-Issue subscription."
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The Comics Journal Subscription

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Launched in 1976 by Fantagraphics founders Gary Groth and J. Michael Catron, The Comics Journal soon became the loudest and fiercest voice in advocating for the notion of comics as a legitimate art form. Through news, interviews, pointed editorials, and unflinching comics criticism, the magazine informed fans and helped guide the trajectory of the comics industry to the inclusive, creatively fertile arena it has since become. After a hiatus following issue #302 (2013), The Comics Journal returned in 2019 and continues to be published in a bi-yearly format.

The Comics Journal
is now available as a four-issue subscription package (beginning with the next upcoming issue at the date of purchase) for residents of the United States. A subscription will charge you once every two years for four issues at a time until you cancel. Subscriptions are only available for USPS Media Mail domestic shipping—all other orders will be cancelled and refunded. That's $12 per issue plus $16.64 shipping.

Subscriptions to the print magazine also include a complementary subscription to the TCJ Digital Archives, granting you access to over 30 years of comic criticism history. When you subscribe, you'll receive an automated email containing a link to a Google Form—please whitelist and opt-in to marketing emails to ensure you receive this email. You are free to unsubscribe once you have filled out the Google Form. Your TCJ archive subscription will not be active until you have submitted your email to the Google Form and received an email from our customer service team confirming that your access is active.

The Comics Journal Subscription is part of the The Comics Journal series.


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