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Kaz, Patrick McDonnell

Underworld: From Hoboken to Hollywood

On sale date: February 8, 2016

This omnibus and retrospective collects the best of 23 years of cartoonist Kaz's alt-weekly comic strip.

The Big Book of Underworld is the first-ever omnibus of the very best of the alternative weekly strip's 23-year run, with annotations, photos, and other surprises from the author (along with a foreword by Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell). Kaz's strip hilariously depicts sordid doings in a surreal city, stuffed with almost-parodies of famous comic strip characters, a healthy dose of cigarette smoking cats, cute little saccharin-cuddly creatures, media-damaged kids, and much more — all destined for a sardonic smashing.


"...Kaz fits right in with the old masters. He brings their artistic sensibilities to our post-modern world. Sure, his 'world' is outrageous, demented, perverted and politically incorrect, but somehow it's also charming, endearing, compelling and 'cute' in its own twisted punk way. As with all great comics, his characters are magically alive on the page. ... The best compliment I can give Kaz's work is that it's %$#&* funny. ... They don't give out Pulitzers for hilarity, but Kaz deserves one. He's a gag genius..." — Patrick McDonnell - (MUTTS cartoonist)

"What primarily distinguishes Underworld is Kaz's dedication to the gag at its most outrageously hilarious." — Booklist

"They heckle, harass, cheat, rob, bash, knife, shoot, and chop up one another with giddy glee, making Underworld the premier venue for rude, morbid, black, sick humor with a wall-to-wall grin on its disfigured face." — Booklist

"Possessed by a sense of anarchy that prevents the material from growing stale or one-note. Bawdy sex jokes commingle with more heady existential material, and inside-baseball cartoonist humor alternates with the occasional political gesture." — The A.V. Club


Black and white with some full-color
10" × 10.6"