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Mome (mõm), n. Archaic, a fool; blockhead. Mome is an anthology showcasing some of the greatest modern cartoonists, alongside work from some of North America and Europe's most respected creators. Anchored by an ever-evolving core roster of contributors, the series sports gorgeous design conceived (and executed through Vol. 9) by Jordan Crane. Many volumes also feature an interview with one of the Mome contributors.

"Like Weirdo, Raw, and Drawn and Quarterly before it, Fantagraphics Mome has been the go-to showcase of its time for emerging alt-comics visionaries." — The A.V. Club

"Mome helps me stay on top of the coolest cartoonists in the industry... it's well worth the subscription." — USA Today

"For fresh talent in comics, you have to go to the anthologies and there's none better at the moment than Mome." — Roger Sabin, The Observer

"Mome is a go-to destination for finding out what's going on at comics’ cutting edge." — Sean T. Collins

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