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Fantagraphics is pleased to present its ongoing Nancy reprint project. Each volume contains a whopping full three years of daily Nancy strips, collected in a fat, square (what else, for the "squarest" strip in the world?) package.

"Bushmiller’'s genius was to make everything in his strip so basic that anyone, anywhere, at any time, could get the joke." –— The A.V. Club

"The roly-poly, Brillo-mopped mischief-maker and her lowlife pal Sluggo stand eternal, as iconic as the puppets in a Punch and Judy show or the Columbines and Harlequins of commedia dell’arte." –— Kirkus Reviews

"The fact that you laugh at a Nancy gag —— and you will —— is all on you. There will be no downtown doyenne to comfort you in the knowledge that the gag about, oh, bathroom plungers, or cotton candy, or squirt guns, is an ironically loaded statement on anything at all. No, you'll be stuck in a room alone with Ernie Bushmiller, who will force you to confront your inner stoopid like no other American artist. Indeed, it is genuine, nonironic praise to say of Bushmiller that if you don't get a Nancy joke, you are a moron." —– Bookforum