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Old Jewish Comedians

The Reuben Award-winning Drew Friedman, one of the great caricaturists of his age, presents a thorough visual history of the 20th Century's greatest Borscht-Belt comedians through a series of hyper-realistic portraits. Old Jewish Comedians traces a direct link not only to the traditions of vaudeville and burlesque but to the once-thriving international Yiddish theatre and culture.

"A festival of drawing virtuosity and fabulous craggy faces. Drew Friedman might very well be the Vermeer of the Borscht Belt." — The New York Times Book Review

"Drew Friedman isn't just a brilliant artist. He takes you to a place. He takes you back in time. He makes you smell the stale cigarettes and cold brisket and you say, thank you for the pleasure." — Sarah Silverman

"Fabulous... sensational... on the nose. He really gets their attitude." — The Los Angeles Times

"Will have casual fans and serious collectors plotzing with joy over these greats of a bygone era." — The Forward

"A book that just begs to be shared. If you can look at them without smiling, you have no heart." — USA Today