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Prince Valiant

Prince Valiant

Hal Foster's Prince Valiant, about a noble knight in the days of King Arthur, began in newspapers in 1937 and continues to this day. It was Foster (1892-1982) who introduced illustrative techniques — and the sensibilities and standards of such greats as Howard Pyle — to the comics page. Realistic depictions and sophisticated compositions had been curiously absent before him. He is still considered to be comics’' supreme classicist.

Fantagraphics' deluxe, full-color hardcover editions of Prince Valiant each feature two years' worth of full-page Sunday strips, scanned and restored from the original syndicate proofs, showcasing Foster's brilliant linework and lush coloring as never before. For the first time, this is the definitive Prince Valiant.

"That Foster was the most virtuosic comics artist of his time, there is some merit to the claim." — Sunday

"Prince Valiant's adventures fighting the enemies of Camelot appeared in more than 200 newspapers and inspired a movie starring Robert Wagner and Janet Leigh. The Duke of Windsor, who reigned as King Edward VIII until his abdication in 1936, once described Prince Valiant as "the greatest contribution to English literature in the past 100 years." — National Post

"Foster's meticulously detailed, painstakingly researched, vividly realistic, and often breathtaking illustration made him one of the most revered artists in the comic field." — Library Journal

"Anyone with a love for fantasy art can only marvel at Foster's ability to capture both the gritty down-to-earth feeling of the times as well as those sweeping moments that kindle our sense of wonder. These books are wonderful, rich, and comprehensive." — Fantasy & Science Fiction