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Andre Franquin, Translator: Jenna Allen

Die Laughing

On sale date: May 1, 2018

A collection of visual gags and gag-inducing visuals by a trailblazer of Belgian comics.

Die Laughing, which is executed in stark black and white, takes aim at everyone and everything in its scathing critique of modern life, but is particularly ruthless toward animal abusers, the military industrial complex, and death penalty enthusiasts. Franquin’s loose but meticulous line work features expressionistic shadows and silhouettes that infuse his depressed, repressed, and oppressed characters with a disturbing manic energy. Die Laughing is filled with visual gags and gag-inducing visuals that will haunt you.


"Franquin is a great artist. Next to him, I’m just a mediocre cartoonist." — Hergé (Tintin)

"Franquin’s jokes are destructive in their whimsy, taking aim at the whole of humanity. This conceit of shared doom is what makes Franquin’s satire so satisfying." — The Comics Journal


Black and white
9" × 11.1"