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More Heroes Of The Comics: Portraits Of The Legends Of Comic Books
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Drew Friedman

More Heroes Of The Comics: Portraits Of The Legends Of Comic Books

On sale date: December 6, 2016

This is the sequel to caricaturist Drew Friedman’s collection of portraits of famous comics creators.

Spanning the birth of the industry to its first few decades, this book has approximately 100 full-color portraits of the legends of American comic books—publishers, editors, and artists. Its subjects are popular and obscure, men and women, and it includes several pioneering artists of color.


“This large book has 100 meticulous color paintings of people who were involved in the early days of comic books, painted by Drew Friedman, the great portraitist of our time. The two volume Heroes set, is scholarly and popular at the same time, and represents a milestone in the early history of comic books. Drew Friedman himself is a hero of comics for making it.” — boingboing

“Drew Friedman’s More Heroes of the Comics is a comics nerd’s delight. Friedman’s voice on the subject of comics is always a treat.” — Steven Heller - PRINT

“Drew Friedman is an amazing artist. More Heroes Of The Comics is absolutely stunning. It stirred memories of long ago when I met and worshiped some of these stars of the nascent comic book world. This is a trove of sweet nostalgia.” — Al Jaffee


9.3" × 12.3"