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Roman Muradov

Vanishing Act

On sale date: November 13, 2018

A polyphonic experimental graphic novel of 13 interconnected shorts stories.

Written and drawn in thirteen tones, from comedy and confession to interpretative dance, Vanishing Act is synchronized in time and space on one melancholy evening. A paranoid man rehearses for an upcoming party. A disheveled actor expounds on the conceptual potential of sitcoms. A beloved dog accesses the internet and starts a cult. A couple argues in reverse. A bored seagull excretes the entire known universe.


"If Jorge Luis Borges could sketch and James Joyce were an art teacher in the digital age, and if both had a healthier tolerance for bathroom humor, then perhaps you'd get Vanishing Act." — San Francisco Chronicle

"Appealing to art comics fans and scholars, this playful volume proves an elegant exploration of the medium as an expression of perspective and inner experience." — Publishers Weekly

"You can read Vanishing Act as poetry, as something that conveys itself in an abstract manner, easier to feel than to follow. You can read it as a puzzle-box of art-philosophical ideas. You can read it simply as an aesthetic joyride, and appreciate Muradov's obvious mastery of illustration as he careens between different visual styles. Or all of the above." — The Comics Journal


7.4" × 9.3"