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Collection: Bernie Wrightson

Bernie Wrightson made the jump from prolific fanzine contributor to professional artist, appearing first in DC’s House of Mystery and Showcase, where he drew the “Nightmaster” strip, scripted by Denny O’Neil.  He collaborated with another Web of Horror contributor, Len Wein, on the creation of Swamp Thing, which, after being published in House of Secrets #92, was spun off into its own series, with Wrightson illustrating the first 10 issues. Wrightson moved on to great success as a comic book artist and illustrator. His illustrated edition of Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein is his magnum opus. Other works include Freak Show  (written by fellow Web of Horror alumnus Bruce Jones),  Captain Stern (which was adapted in the Heavy Metal Movie), a graphic novel adaptation of Stephen King’s film, Creepshow, plus graphic novels and miniseries for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, and other publishers. Among his last comic book work was Frankenstein Alive, Alive!, The Ghoul, and Doc Macabre, written by frequent collaborator, Steve Niles. Wrightson passed away on March 18th, 2017.