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Charles Glaubitz


On sale date: February 28, 2017

This is a debut New Age sci-fi graphic novel from a multimedia artist.

Multimedia artist Charles Glaubitz delivers his first graphic novel, a work of mythical, pictorial, illustrative, and cosmological components, while combining elements of myth, religion, and spirituality with comics, hermetic ideas, alchemy and science. Light travels through space and brings a prophecy of the awakening of the Crystal Sigil. At the same time, the secret society of Illuminati steals from the four elements to create a new fifth element that has the power to become any object of desire. The ensuing epic battle pits the warrior-like Starseed Children — who are the end result of the evolution of revolution within our system of genetics, philosophy, science, and art — against the Illuminati and their masters, the Annunaki, and the coming of the black darkness.


"Starseeds possesses undeniable power and raw beauty." — Booklist

"This clever mash-up of science, fantasy, conspiracy, and religion has all four elements colliding off of each other even as they meld together into something that is beyond comprehension." — Publishers Weekly

"The defining characteristic of Starseeds is its ability to mix genre with the metaphysical, and in doing so, it generates an otherworldliness that is strange and compelling." — Sequential State

"Prepare yourself for a fantastical journey of existential metaphors and cosmic absurdity beyond comprehension." — Orbital Comics


7.8" × 10.3"