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On sale date: August 25, 2020

In this graphic novel, a spinster escapes the demands of life through a sexual relationship with a haunted mirror.

Julia Gfrörer explores lust, grief, and the human need for connection in this story of a 19th-century spinster and the haunted mirror that offers an escape from her frustrated line. In Gfrörer's thin, careworn lines, her debased and unnerving depictions of the supernatural, and her achingly vulnerable characters, she exposes the emotions that boil beneath the surface of everyday life and the terrible pressure society exerts to keep them hidden. Surrender to the quiet power of her storytelling, which greets you on every page like the embrace of a lover — or the grave.


"A masterful book ... Gfrörer exceeds herself in unflinchingly depicting the slow horror of grief." — A. V. Club

"Gfrörer continues to build her reputation as one of the foremost contemporary horror cartoonists with this dense and disturbing psychological twist on the haunted house story." — Publishers Weekly

"Gfrörer's deliberate pacing creates a sense of creeping dread and impending tragedy in this memorably disturbing, sexually charged ghost story." — Library Journal (starred review)

"Gfrörer's stories feature a mix of elusive reality and foreboding moods, all suggesting something we can't totally conceive and yet understand emotionally, and Vision is as strong and stark as anything that's come before it." — Comics Beat

"Best suited to those who like light erotica in their Gothic fiction." — Booklist


Paperback / Softback
Black and white.
6.1" × 9.1"