The cover to Still Alive by Safdar Ahmed, featuring the author's name and the title, as well as the words "Graphic reportage from Australia's immigration detention system," in cream. Behind the words is a drawing of four people—one older figure embracing two smaller figures, and a fourth aggressively grabbing them.
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Safdar Ahmed

Still Alive: Graphic Reportage from Australia's Immigration Detention System

On sale date: November 15, 2022

Safdar Ahmed visited Sydney’s Villawood Immigration Detention Centre in 2011. He brought pencils and sketchbooks with him and began drawing with the detainees. Their stories are told in Still Alive.

Weaving journalism, history, and autobiography, Still Alive is an intensely personal indictment of Australia’s refugee detention policies and procedures, which are not unlike those in many Western nations. It is also a searching reflection on the redemptive power of art. (And death metal.)

Still Alive: Graphic Reportage from Australia's Immigration Detention System is part of the Fantagraphics Underground imprint.


"This book brought me to tears — it is a moving and profoundly important work of art." — Isobelle Carmody, author, Children's Literature Peace Prize winner, activist

"Still Alive is about the humble power of writing and drawing by anyone brave enough to hold a pencil, to subvert the silence that others would wish to impose upon us." — Shaun Tan, author, The Arrival

"There are stories of uncomfortable truths which must be told and read by anyone who cares about fundamental questions of justice and humanity in this country." — David Manne, human rights lawyer


Black and white.
7.2" × 10.2"