The cover to Chartwell Manor by Glenn Head. The cover features an illustration of a red brick tower surrounded by flying monsters, with a lightning strike hitting the top of it. The ghostly head of an old man also floats above the tower in the sky. Below are illustrations of a goup of boys smoking and a young man in a class. Text gives the title as well as the subtitle of "A comics memoir" and a quote from R. Crumb reading, "This is—well, okay, I'll say it: A MASTERPIECE. Truly."
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Glenn Head

Chartwell Manor

On sale date: May 25, 2021

Veteran alternative cartoonist Glenn Head's harrowing graphic memoir is about years of sexual and emotional abuse suffered at a boarding school during his adolescence, and the resultant trauma that took him almost 50 years to process before being able to tell his story publicly.

No one asks for the childhood they get, and no child ever deserved to go to Chartwell Manor. For Glenn Head, his two years spent at the now-defunct Mendham, NJ, boarding school — run by a serial sexual and emotional abuser of young boys in the early 1970s — left emotional scars in ways that he continues to process. This graphic memoir — a book almost 50 years in the making — tells the story of that experience, and then delves with even greater detail into the reverberations of that experience in adulthood, including addiction and other self-destructive behavior. Head tells his story with unsparing honesty, depicting himself as a deeply flawed human struggling to make sense of the childhood he was given.


"Chartwell Manor is a raw and cathartic story about how to reckon with the past, and a powerful reminder that sexual assault can take years to understand, much less recover from." — Entertainment Weekly

"A harrowing and important graphic novel." — Hollywood Reporter

"Chartwell Manor uses the visual storytelling power of comics to deal with difficult, painful subject matter and help its author work through decades-old trauma." — IGN

"Unflinching." — New York Post

"Unflinchingly honest and hypnotically powerful, this is a standout entry on the shelf of the great graphic autobiographies." — Publishers Weekly


Black and white
7.9" × 10.4"