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Eve Gilbert, Scott Camil

Winter Warrior: A Vietnam Vet's Anti-War Odyssey

On sale date: October 29, 2019

The extraordinary life of Scott Camil in graphic biography form, from hardened marine to anti-war activist.

Through the unflinching personal journey of a hardened marine turned dogged anti-war activist, Winter Warrior reveals the brutal reality of the Vietnam war and the bleak political reality on the domestic front. Cartoonist Eve Gilbert renders Scott Camil's story with empathy, nuance, and a dash of humor, her impressionistic imagery a perfect complement to his blunt words. As the American military continues to wage war throughout the globe, Camil's anti-authoritarian attitude and fearless whistleblowing is as vital today as it was then.


"With this ingeniously told story, Eve Gilbert delivers a piece of American history through beautiful illustrations and a faithfully told story of a veteran's precarious journey to redemption." — Shelf Awareness

"An ideological hand grenade thrown back at the warmongers." — International Journal of Socialist Renewal


Black and white
7.7" × 9.9"