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Ho Che Anderson

Godhead 2

On sale date: January 10, 2023

The concluding volume and resolution to the futuristic corporate thriller.

In the second and concluding volume of Godhead, GH2 picks up from where GH1 ended, with Racer Calhoun and the rest of Cadre Zeus finally learning why they've been assembled: to destroy Oceanus, the scientific facility traveling through the Pacific housing the God machine introduced in volume one. They undertake what they hope will be a routine intelligence gathering mission on Oceanus that turns into a desperate fight for survival through the city from which Racer had fled, and leads to a reunion with Carys, the great love of his life.

Finally the cadre are ready to confront Oceanus and put an end to the God machine once and for all. The story's finale upends the usual narrative expectations and concludes with a somber private epiphany that results in the triumph of human reason over a technocratic/supernatural savior.

Part Boy's Own adventure genre, part men-on-a-mission yarn, part formal playground through which the author can exercise his restless obsessions, Godhead 2 is the action-based resolution to the psychological drama of the first volume.

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"As the artist's first foray into speculative fiction, Godhead sets out to be enormous in scale and potential. The concept is intriguing and the visuals impressively rendered." — Broken Frontier

"Anderson's work is often stunning in its bold layouts and experimental compositions and its intense, energetic expressiveness." — Print magazine

"This genre-bending, mind-dazzling series will have readers desperately awaiting future installments." — Library Journal


Paperback / Softback
Black-and-white and Full color
8.4" × 10.5"