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George Herriman, Bill Blackbeard

The George Herriman Library: Krazy & Ignatz 1919-1921

On sale date: October 20, 2020

This new deluxe hardcover collects full-sized Sunday newspaper comics from 1919 through 1921 in a handsome archival collection.

As the surreal comic strip continues into the 1920s, the likes of Joe Stork, Blind Pig, and Bum Bill Bee settle into the mesas of Coconino County. Brand-new readers and Herriman aficionados alike will find out what happens when Ignatz the Mouse's brick supplier runs out of stock, how Krazy Kat fares after taking up boxing, and what happens when a new "Katnippery" opens providing libations to the locals. Krazy & Ignatz 1919-1921 (Vol. 2) includes photographs, artwork, and introductory text by comic historians Bill Blackbeard and Michael Tisserand.

The George Herriman Library: Krazy & Ignatz 1919-1921 is part of the The George Herriman Library series.


"At this point, no one should need any convincing that Krazy Kat is one of the greatest works of comic art ever created, and that it should form the foundation of any good collection." — The A.V. Club

"For nearly 30 years, George Herriman's hilarious, poetic masterpiece Krazy Kat graced the Sunday pages of America's newspapers. This new hardcover collection brings back into print the inventive language, haunting vistas, and beguiling brick throwing that makes this strip so special. Perfect for Herriman connoisseurs and brand-new readers." — San Francisco Review of Books


Black and white.
11.4" × 13.8"