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Gilbert Hernandez

Luba And Her Family: A Love And Rockets Book

On sale date: July 19, 2014

In Vol. 10 of the Love and Rockets Library, Luba and her family leave Palomar for the U.S., where she is united with her sisters Petra and Fritz.

Gilbert Hernandez's sprawling family saga focuses on the United States, where newly immigrated Luba and her sisters, body-builder Petra and therapist/film star Fritz, find their families' and friends' lives becoming more and more intertwined. As the three sisters have "memories of sweet youth," the next generation finds the spotlight: Luba's adult daughter Doralís emcees the proceedings in her role as mischievous host of a children's TV show, while Petra's little girl, Venus, has adventures with her aunt Fritz and her best friend Yoshio. At her mother's urging, Venus also writes missives to her fierce, one-armed cousin Casimira, who's back in Palomar. In these stories — never before collected together — Venus tells it like it is!

Luba And Her Family: A Love And Rockets Book is part of the Love and Rockets series.


"If the early Palomar stories earned comparisons to Gabriel García Márquez, these stories resemble early Bret Easton Ellis (think the affectless, dry prose style of Less Than Zero), with some Judy Blume thrown in for good measure." — Tim O'Neil - The A.V. Club


Paperback / Softback
Black & white
7.6" × 9.3"