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Collection: Lyn Chevli

Lyn Chevli (1931-2016) was born Marilyn Keith in Milford, Connecticut.  She (and her then-husband Dennis Madison) opened the bookstore Fahrenheit 451 in Laguna Beach in 1970. She subsequently partnered up with Joyce Farmer and formed Nanny Goat Productions. During her career as an underground cartoonist, Chevli romped in the surf with feminist Kate Millet, entertained Sergio Aragones, and partied with Gilbert Shelton, R. Crumb, S. Clay Wilson, Harvey Kurtzman and others. Lyn was also a sculptor, first welding on the balcony of her Park Ave apartment in a bikini and later working with mixed media, mostly bones. Her novel, Alida: An Erotic Novel appeared in 1981. She contributed essays to Words in Our Pockets: The Feminist Writers Guild Handbook (1981) and Herotica (1988).