Several mockup images of the Fantagraphics x Ebbets hat. The first features a frontal view, with the hat and brim in blue, and a cream tombstone shape featuring the Fantagraphics logo: a blue pen nib with a green torch flame above it and one green ink drops on either side. The second features the back of the hat, which is blue with the word "Fantagraphics" in green embroidery above the brown leather adjustment band. The third view is from underneath, showing the green color under the brim.
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Fantagraphics x Ebbets Field Flannels Hats

On sale date: December 17, 2021

An exclusive six-panel hat design in collaboration between Fantagraphics and Seattle-based hat company Ebbets Field Flannels! These gorgeous blue and green baseball caps are in Ebbets' trademark high-quality style, featuring wool-blend baseball flannel and a beautifully embroidered Fantagraphics logo and the Fantagraphics name over the brown leather adjustment band. These hats are available in a limited quantity for now, so grab yours while you can!


Baseball Cap