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Joe Queenan, Keith Bendis

Only The Good Stay Dead

On sale date: May 25, 2021

Yesterday, Mel McDonnell had been one of the most influential and respected members of the United States Senate. Today, he found himself reincarnated as a moist heap of whale excrement, languishing on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

What was he doing down there? Why had he been relegated to such a demeaning, retrograde, and humiliating condition? What was his error, his crime, his tragic flaw? Were the wreakers of vengeance, the bringers of darkness, the chastisers of hubris on the prowl again? Was the Lord wroth? And if He was indeed wroth, what was He so wroth about?

Surely, Mel's story bears telling.

Thus begins Joe Queenan's satirical fable of reincarnation, political ambition, man's folly, and the capricious nature of the universe — lusciously illustrated with his signature wry wit by award-winning cartoonist Keith Bendis.


Black and white.
11.4" × 8.8"