The cover to Now #13, featuring an illustration of a person wandering through a series of symbols of bad luck, including Friday the 13th, a broken mirror, spilled salt, a black cat, and walking under a latter. The person's feet are bleeding as they drink from a bottle of liquor. A safe is about to fall on their head, the are about to fall into a manhole, and a hungry wolf waits around the corner with a gun.
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Eric Reynolds, Kayla E.

NOW #13: The New Comics Anthology

On sale date: June 18, 2024

The multiple Eisner and Ignatz Award nominated comics anthology returns: NOW is the perfect primer of the very best of contemporary art and literary comics from around the world.

In our latest issue, NOW #13, cartoonist Kayla E. (USA) returns with an all-new "Precious Rubbish" strip exploring childhood trauma through her darkly humorous lens; she also contributes this issue's cover. Nathan Gelgud (USA) makes his NOW debut with two strips adapting dialogue from interviews with filmmaker Paul Schrader, while indie humor phenom Josh Pettinger (UK) also appears for the first time. Anchoring the issue is Caitlin Skaalrud's (USA) inspiring and beautiful "How to Make Comics," a 40-page poetic howl about the need to make art and the sacrifices that come with that need ("LEARN THE COPPER TASTE OF HUNGER"). Also featuring: Ross Murray (New Zealand), Roman Muradov (Armenia), Josh Simmons (USA), Cynthia Alfonso (Spain), Steven Weissman (USA), Emil Friis Ernst (Denmark), and Stacy Gougoulis (Australia).

NOW: The New Comics Anthology is still the best value in comics: every issue is a self-contained cross-section of the best short comics stories the globe has to offer and it has established itself as the preeminent anthology of first-rate international comics talent. With all-new, never-before-seen material from a mix of emerging and established talent, NOW is the perfect answer to the question, "Why Comics?"

NOW #13: The New Comics Anthology is part of the Now: The New Comics Anthology series.


"Editor Eric Reynolds has assembled a group of cartoonists who are fiercely confident in their unique approaches to comic book storytelling." — The A.V. Club

"NOW graphically encapsulates series editor Reynolds's subversive yet tactically balanced approach to the craft of editing." — Los Angeles Review of Books


Paperback / Softback
7.2" × 10.3"