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Lorenzo Mattotti, Jerry Kramsky, Translator: Jamie Richards


On sale date: July 24, 2018

In this graphic novel by two world-class creators, an idyllic animal kingdom is threatened, and the shaman’s son, Hippolytes, goes on a quest to find his lost wife.

The gars are peaceful, happy animals living in Garland. Their shaman, Zachariah, helps them to interpret the spirits that foretell their future. But a strange vision bodes ill. This long-awaited second collaboration between Italian artists Lorenzo Mattotti and Jerry Kramsky, ten years in the making, is masterfully drawn in soft, psychedelic black and white.


"The loose, stream-of-consciousness narrative showcases Mattotti’s flowing, delicate black-and-white art and the endlessly imaginative settings. His world is developed with clarity, originality, and a touch of poetry." — Publishers Weekly

"Garlandia's art is so virtuosic, so gorgeously replete, it almost doesn't matter what the book is about. Its inexorable momentum is entirely visual. Things like character motivations and plotting merely provide a frail scaffolding for page after page of billowing, ecstatic linework." — NPR Books

"Mattotti has total control over his medium, and it’s his careful attention to visual world-building that makes Garlandia an artistic triumph worthy of experiencing." — The Comics Journal


Black and white
8.6" × 11.3"