The cover to The Bloody Cardinal, featuring a humanoid cardinal in a suit and holding a gun. Rubble appears behind the character. Text reads, "The Bloody Cardinal by Richard Sala."
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Richard Sala

The Bloody Cardinal

On sale date: September 5, 2017

In this graphic novel, a series of grisly murders echo the work of the master criminal, the Bloody Cardinal. But, he’s dead! Or is he?

He was trapped by police in an abandoned asylum which burnt to the ground. The charred remains found in the ashes were presumed to have been his. However, he left behind a journal which has been tied to a string of violent, unsolved murders. Who is behind these crimes?


"The Bloody Cardinal is a deep and dazzling work, and a perfect, eerie read for a dark winter's night." — SciFiNow

"It's described as 'a serial of madness, mystery and mayhem' and that it certainly is, as the search for a mysterious book leads to violent death and all kinds of crazies. Perfect Halloween reading." — The Beat

"You are definitely in for a treat, especially if you enjoy a devilishly good mystery." — Comics Grinder

"If a sprawling cast of silent film-era archetypes pulled inexorably into a tight, compact mystery that goes back decades, if not centuries, and revolves around dusty forbidden tomes, masked serial killers, female adventurers, underground cults thought long dead, morally and ethically compromised psychoanalysts, unconventional police investigators, and alluring but delusional femme fatalities are your cup of tea, then congratulations — you've just found comic book gold." — Daily Grindhouse


Paperback / Softback
7.1" × 9.3"