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The cover of What Parsifal Saw, featuring an angelic character with four arms and three legs smiling beatifically against a blue, cloudy sky and surrounded by a transparent circular rainbow.
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Ron Regé, Jr

What Parsifal Saw

On sale date: March 21, 2017

A psychedelic collection of comics that includes an adaptation of 19th century occultist Helena Petrovna Blavatsky's work.

What Parsifal Saw collects work produced by artist Ron Regé, Jr., whose interest in esoteric ideas and spirituality has permeated into all aspects of his comics, as highlighted by "Cosmogenesis," which concerns magical, alchemical, ancient, and mysterious ideas; cosmic consciousness, psychedelia, outsider rawness, and pure cartoonish joy.


"What Parsifal Saw is a psychedelic journey through transcendental thought populated by very cute cartoon characters. The artwork is intensely detailed, edgy, and feminist, and feels like it's right out of the hippest 1960s dorm room. The narrative is moral and uplifting." — Publishers Weekly

"Regé's lines and lettering undulate off the page, making the reading of his pieces a truly consciousness-altering experience on all levels." — Phantasmaphile

"What Parsifal Saw happily defies categorization. ... It's a fanciful experience that is more contemplation than story." — Women Write About Comics


Paperback / Softback
7.6" × 9.3"