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Moto Hagio, Translator: Rachel Thorn

A Drunken Dream and Other Stories

On sale date: September 27, 2010

A decades-spanning collection from the "founding mother" of modern shojo manga.

Fantagraphics Books' first volume of manga is a collection of short stories by one of Japan's most influential and critically lauded comics innovators.

Moto Hagio has been reinventing shojo manga (Japanese comics marketed at 10-18 year-old girls) since 1969. Unconstrained by boundaries of genre, she has sculpted a career characterized by intellectual curiosity, psychological authenticity, and an aesthetic sense that has often been at odds with a shojo manga mainstream littered with Sailor Moon knockoffs and sub-Harlequin-romance clichés. Now, for the first time in English, we offer a Hagio primer, a selection of short stories spanning four decades of groundbreaking work — 1971-2007 — by an artist who is working at the peak of her creative powers. In "Autumn Journey" (1971), a boy's pilgrimage to the home of his favorite author has more meaning than either the author or his daughter can imagine. In "Marié, Ten Years Later" (1977), two estranged friends learn too late how their actions had destroyed the balance of a perfect triad of intimacy. In "A Drunken Dream" (1980), two scientists—one a hermaphrodite, the other a tribal priest—meet on a space station orbiting Io; but they have met before and are destined to meet again. In "Iguana Girl" (1991), a girl who appears to her mother and herself to be a hideous anthropoid iguana struggles to overcome her mother's rejection and find happiness ... but her mother has a secret.

Learn for yourself why the creator of There Were Eleven! (adapted into an anime) and A, A' has influenced the careers of countless other creators, both within and outside the manga industry, and continues to garner international critical praise and appeal to readers across ages and generations.


"...Moto Hagio has more on her agenda than simply trotting out tired 'girly' storylines. Her protagonists struggle with loss, rejection, and insecurity in a manner sure to strike readers as honest and familiar, never reductive or patronizing.... [A Drunken Dream] span[s] 31years of Hagio's career and, while the later stories do seem a bit looser and more confident, the earlier stories certainly don't suffer by comparison." — Andrew Fuerste-Henry - No Flying No Tights

"[A Drunken Dream] lays the groundwork for measuring all of the wonderful components of girls' comics. It's impossible to read through these panels and not feel your own life in them . . . [Hagio is] THE EMPRESS OF FEELINGS.... I want to buy three copies of it so that I can loan 2 to new people and have a back up loan copy for the eventual time when one of them gets stolen." — NOVI Magazine

"[A] gorgeously-produced best-of collection from shojo manga creator Moto Hagio... On the face of the evidence there was very little she could not do, some things she did well, and a few things she did magnificently." — Serdar Yegulalp - Genji Press

"[A]n excellent introduction to one of the most literary and original voices working in comics today. Highly recommended." — Katherine Dacey - The Manga Critic


Full color and two color.
7.3" × 10.1"