the cover to Adventures of the Gummi Bears: A New Beginning: Disney Afternoon Adventures Vol. 4, featuring the title surrounding an illustration of three of the Gummi Bears in various action poses.
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Bobbi JG Weiss, Doug Gray, Anibal Uzál, Rubén Torreiro, David Gerstein

Adventures of the Gummi Bears: A New Beginning: Disney Afternoon Adventures Vol. 4

On sale date: April 9, 2024

Bounce into epic quests and comedy in the kingdom of Dunwyn: Disney’s original Gummi Bears lead a classic Disney Afternoon comics collection which also includes Darkwing Duck, DuckTales and more!

From Disney Adventures and its Gen-X sister magazines come tales of epic thrills and chills! In “A New Beginning,” find out how the Gummi Bears first forged an uneasy alliance with humans to defend the land of Dunwyn from evil Duke Igthorn, his stinky ogres, and his devastating giant catapult! In “The Legend of Silverhorn,” Chip ’n Dale and the Rescue Rangers follow a shipwrecked sailor into a world of high-seas piracy. Then, in DuckTales’ “The Arcadian Urn,” Scrooge McDuck and the gang find a lost world of ancient Greeks… and Donald Duck and Launchpad face off with a city-stomping kaiju! Plus Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin and more!


"There are very strong and compelling parts of this… volume of Disney Afternoon comics, created with real heart and care for the properties at hand… it's a relief to know that someone has taken responsibility for the preservation of so much forgotten comics work." — Colin Moon - AIPT Comics

"This volume  features a total of four Adventures of Gummi Bears stories: one from Norway, and three beary fun tales from comics published in Brazil. It is great to be able to read these new to me great Gummi Bears tales from around the world." — DuckTalks


7.8" × 10.6"