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Drew Friedman, Kurt Andersen

All the Presidents

On sale date: September 24, 2019

The celebrated satirical portraitist renders all 44 United States presidents; this book of illustrations also features a foreword by Kurt Andersen, the author and host of public radio's Studio 360.

All The Presidents is created by the caricaturist of the Barack Obama/George Washington mash-up inauguration cover for The New Yorker in 2009. It features everyone from George Washington to Donald Trump, accompanied by presidential factoids. It includes a foreword by Kurt Andersen, the author and host of public radio's Studio 360, and Friedman's two-page comic strip introduction, "Drawn to Presidents."


"Drew Friedman's All the Presidents doesn't just bring the Presidents to life, it makes them human. And maybe even more than human. Courtesy of Friedman, the Presidents are now characters some filled with charisma while others brim with faults and frailties. From Trump's self-satisfaction and TR's irascibility to John Quincy Adam's persnicketiness and Woodrow Wilson's choirmaster demeanor, you will stare at these portraits for hours and get to know these commanders-in-chief in an all new way." — David Mandel, Executive Producer "Veep"

"Everyone talks about 'warts and all' portraits of presidents and world leaders but this book is LITERALLY that. Mesmerizing." — Patton Oswalt

"Somehow, Drew Friedman's mastery manages to both humanize and satirize every member of this most exclusive club of U.S. presidents. Blemishes, moles, and errant hairs are like stars in his sky." — Jake Tapper

"Drew Friedman, he's one of the best. He's got skill, he's got humor. I love his stuff." — R. Crumb

"The great Drew Friedman took time to draw a portrait of every U.S. President. His work always blows me away." — BoingBoing


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