The cover to Almost Silent by Jason, with the title and author's name against the red brick wall in the cover illustration. The illustration features a female, doglike human in a yellow hat and coat over a black dress. She wears high heels and looks toward something off screen.
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Almost Silent

On sale date: December 19, 2017

Starring the Bride of Frankenstein, zombies, and much more, this is an omnibus of four classic, mostly pantomime graphic novels.

This graphic novel omnibus includes You Can't Get There From Here, about a monster love triangle; Tell Me Something, about love, recovered; Meow Baby!, short genre comics; and The Living and the Dead, a hilariously deadpan (and gory) take on the traditional Romero-style zombie thriller. All of these yarns star Jason's patented cast of tight-lipped (or -beaked) bird-, dog-, cat- and wolf-people, and showcase his compassion and wry wit.


"One gets the sense that … Jason, like poets writing sestinas, [is] testing [his] powers, letting the fierce constraints of the form reveal new possibilities, and it's a wonderful thing to observe." — The Guardian

"Jason's work is poetry. Beautiful and frightening. Redemptive and hopeless. He is the Kafka and Keats of the comic world." — Sherman Alexie

"The graphic novel's cinematic qualities have rarely been so well wielded as they are by the artist known only as Jason." — Bookslut

"[Almost Silent] is a really good book and Jason is a strong cartoonist. He does a lot with his simple-but-well-drawn characters and little to no dialogue. ... you get a nice sampler of what Jason can do. This is entirely worth owning." — Nick Gazin - Vice

"Throughout the sublime Almost Silent, Jason examines traditional relationships and social norms via a deliciously warped lens, quite probably one constructed by Dr. Frankenstein himself." — Rick Klaw - The SF Site: Nexus Graphica


Black and white with some color
6.6" × 8.8"