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The cover to Anais Nin: A Sea of Lies by Leonie Bischoff, featuring the title and author's name in brown. The background is comprised of swirls, petal-like shapes, and flowing tubes in a variety of colors and gradients. A portrait of a person surrounded by these shapes, with their eyes closed and a peaceful expression on their face, appears on the left of the cover.
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Léonie Bischoff, Translator: Jenna Allen

Anaïs Nin: A Sea of Lies

On sale date: June 6, 2023

In lithe, sensuous colored pencils, this international prize-winning, impressionistic graphic biography traces the life, the affairs, and the artistic process of Anais Nin, one of the best-known authors of women’s erotica in the 1920s and ‘30s.

Anais Nin, the author of works such as Delta of Venus and House of Incest, is the patron saint of taboo-breaking pop culture sexual iconoclasts. Not only is she an inspiration for contemporary figures such as Madonna, but her oeuvre, which encompasses erotica, autobiography, essays, short fiction, novels, and much more, has been adapted into film (Henry and June), television (Little Bird), and other media.

The cartoonist Léonie Bischoff traces the life of the prolific writer in this lushly colored graphic novel. It begins with Nin struggling to reconcile the man she married (who had artistic aspirations) with the banker she finds herself living with in the Parisian suburbs. Soon, her obsession with June Miller leads to inspiration. Nin's life and art, the truth and fiction, are further intertwined as she recounts her many sexual liaisons including those with Henry Miller (whom she and her husband subsidize so he can write the controversial Tropic of Cancer), her psychoanalysts, and even her father. Although Bischoff’s drawing is largely representational, she occasionally depicts Nin’s sexual experiences in scenes as surreal as Nin’s own written portrayal of them.


"A striking portrait of this chameleon-like woman with light and elegant lines." — Telerama

"A seven-years-in-the-making, no-holds-barred story of Nin's adventures and quest for personal freedom." — Mediapart

"Bischoff vividly dramatizes the psyche and the fantasies of Nin, rendering superb graphic metaphors in stunning colors." — Les Inrocks

"Distilling a calculated sensuality, Léonie Bischoff delivers a formative novel, at once joyful and disturbing." — Livre Hebdo


8.6" × 11.4"