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Jim Woodring

And Now, Sir? Is THIS Your Missing Gonad?

On sale date: July 21, 2020

Otherworldly gag cartoons by the acclaimed cartoonist of the Frank series of graphic novels.

Cartooning visionary Jim Woodring is known for his mind-bending graphic novels wherein innocent character Frank explores the surreal world of the Unifactor — including Weathercraft, Congress of the Animals, Fran, and Poochytown. Woodring's newest book, And Now, Sir — Is This Your Missing Gonad?, collects a medley of drawings set within his strange universe, with equally mysterious and bewitching captions added — like New Yorker cartoons laced with potent psychedelia.


"Weird, wild, and wonderful in equal measure — in addition to being breathtakingly well-illustrated and pretty goddamn funny." — Four Color Apocalypse

"A new and essential take on the Unifactor and its inhabitants." — Broken Frontier

"Welcome to another voyage into the visceral sublime with Jim Woodring, whose uniquely mind-expanding books draw equally on Buster Keaton, Max Ernst, and a cross-section of our planet's DNA code apparently extracted in a secret high-tech laboratory by the mad scientists who control our fates." — Jonathan Lethem

"Woodring is one of the most important cartoonists of his generation." — NPR


Black and white.
7.3" × 9"